A Permissible Quantity of Cannabis for Better Outcomes

There is enough research available that in some form claims that cannabis can help treat mental conditions. While many doctors across the world align with the findings, there is no guideline on the permissible use of THC – the main psychoactive component in the drug. Unlike alcohol, where there is a defined permissible quantity, there is no clear evidence that suggests the right use of cannabis. 

This is all-the-more important as use of cannabis of recreational and medical purpose is legal in many countries. Researchers from the Addiction and Mental Health Institute along with collaborators from other universities in world talk about the need for a permissible quantity of THC. They cite this in their latest report where they talk about the importance of awareness among people. Further, Addiction published this research. 


Coincidentally, the second study of the research investigates the use of cannabis products among 55,000 patients across 175 countries. Researchers used the Global Drug Survey to find out a few things from the patients. Further, they asked about the type of cannabis they consumed as well as the severity of their condition. As a result, the researchers found that people used a wide variety of cannabis. Further, this depended on the type of their condition. For example, patients using stronger forms of cannabis suffered from severe conditions.  The authors feel that there is need for an international guideline for permissible use of cannabis. However, according to their research, 5mg of THC is a standard.

Carol O. Brown

A computer science engineer, Carol O. Brown has always been intrigues by health science. This led her to become a healthcare writer. She is a digital marketing professional with more than three years’ experience.

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