9 Tips for achieve healthy teeth and gums

Good practices, including brushing your teeth twice a day and visiting the dentist once every six months, are crucial to maintaining your oral health. From past experience, we can say that those patients who appreciate preventive dentistry the most have the healthiest smiles. Our 5 top advice for achieving healthy teeth and gums are provided since it is never too late to begin prioritizing your oral health.

Plaque is a sticky biofilm that forms on the teeth and gums and is undetectable to the naked eye. Long term, this plaque consumes sugar and starch to generate acid. The acid in this beverage might cause damage to your teeth and gums. Our dentists can clean your teeth of tartar and plaque, and they may also give you tips on how to keep your teeth clean.

The major tips to maintain healthy gums and teeth:

Maintaining a regular oral hygiene practice is the most effective strategy to promote healthy teeth and gums. Plaque builds up on teeth and gums and can be removed by brushing twice a day and practicing other basic oral hygiene routines. Below is a list of home remedies for healthy teeth and gums:

Kick the habit of drinking sugary drinks:

Is there ever a time when your teeth feel gritty or fuzzy? You can be leaving dental plaque on your teeth if this is the case. Plaque feeds on sugar and turns it into acid, which can damage tooth enamel and lead to cavities. After consuming sugary foods, you may notice an increased sensation of plaque on your teeth.

Many things that we mistakenly believe to be “healthy” are actually bad for our teeth, so it’s crucial to read labels before buying anything. Some yogurt flavours, for instance, may contain a lot of sugar. Similarly, many people are surprised to learn how much sugar is in their favourite sports drink. It will be easier to avoid dental problems if you limit your consumption of sugary meals and beverages.

Brush your teeth twice a day:

The Dental Association suggests using fluoride toothpaste and brushing twice daily. The positive effects of fluoride on dental health have been known for a long time. Indeed, fluoridated water has been implemented in many communities with the aim of lowering the prevalence of tooth decay.

The best way to ensure that all of your teeth get cleaned is to brush for at least two minutes. Plaque can build up on teeth in the rear of your mouth if you constantly brush on the way out the door. People often get cavities in their rear teeth because of how often they haste.

Floss teeth at least once a day:

Plaque is particularly fond of hiding in crevices that toothbrush bristles can’t access. This is why it is crucial to floss at least once daily in order to eliminate plaque from inaccessible areas of the teeth and gums. By regularly flossing, you can reduce the likelihood that cavities will develop between your teeth and spoil the results of your next dental cleaning and checkup.

Clean your tongue:

Brushing your tongue, especially right before night, can help you get rid of any leftover bacteria. While you’re sleeping, bacteria on your tongue can spread to the teeth that touch your tongue and multiply.

Cavities form when bacteria on your teeth multiply rapidly and feast on sugars and starches. The risk of tooth decay can be reduced by brushing the tongue, which removes food and bacteria.

Rinse your mouth once a day:

When it comes to protecting your teeth, nothing beats a fluoride mouth rinse. After brushing and flossing, using mouth rinse can help remove any leftover plaque or food particles. Choose a brand with the advice of your dentist.

Consume the best foods:

The best foods for healthy teeth and gums that needs to be consumed include:

  • Fiber-rich fruits
  • Cheese
  • Milk 
  • Foods with flouride

Get dental sealants:

When it comes to youngsters, dental sealants are typically put on the chewing surfaces of the recently erupted molars. However, adults can also benefit from this unique coating. In doing so, they seal off the crevices that are prone to collecting plaque and eventually leading to cavities.

Quit the habit of smoking, chewing tobacco and alcohol:

The causes of smoking induced oral disease and decay. Teeth yellowing, plaque and tartar buildup, gum disease, tooth loss, and oral cancer are all caused by smoking. Furthermore, it hinders the recovery of your mouth after an accident.

The effects of alcohol on dental health are similar to those of tobacco usage. When you drink alcohol, your mouth dries up and your saliva production drops, creating ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria and plaque. Drinking a lot of alcohol can cause you to lose teeth because of the sugar and acid in it. Consumption of alcohol is associated with an increased risk of developing mouth cancer.

Schedule dental appointments once every six months:

If you want to maintain good oral health, you should have your teeth cleaned and have a checkup every 6 months. The dental hygienists will be able to carefully scrape away tartar and plaque from your teeth during a cleaning. 

As tartar hardens from plaque, only a dentist can effectively remove it. If you let tartar buildup go unchecked, it can lead to cavities and gum disease. Along with your regular oral check up you can also speak to your dentist in Coimbatore to know how to keep healthy teeth and gums.

Outlook of healthy teeth and gums:

In a healthy person, bacteria in the mouth are kept in check by the immune system and regular dental hygiene practices like brushing and flossing. However, if you don’t take care of your teeth and gums, bacteria in your mouth can grow to dangerous levels, increasing your risk of cavities and gum disease which is why understanding the importance of healthy teeth and gums is crucial.

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