3D-Printed Functioning Heart is Created by Scientists

3D-printing has found its applications in numerous verticals of various industries. Right from robots to be used in the manufacturing industries to equipment that could be used in the wars, 3D-printed products are benefitting everywhere. Recently, 3D-printed heart is created that could save millions of lives in future.

A 3D-printed heart of soft silicon created by scientists is almost similar to the real heart and even functions like it. The motive of the researchers was to create a heart that could save people suffering with cardiac failures, an escalating number that is touching 26 million across the globe.

Millions of people with cardiac failure stays at risk of dying because of lack of heart donors. These patients are supported with artificial blood pumps until they receive heart to transplant or until their heart recovers.

This artificial heart has a volume of 679 cubic centimeters and weighs 390 grams. Scientists are motivated to build artificial hearts of the same size like patient’s heart.

Why 3D-Printing is the Best Technology to Create Artificial Hearts?

Just like an actual human heart, this artificial heart has right and left ventricle and an additional chamber that separates them. Scientists say that the most advantageous feature of using 3D-printing for creating hearts is that every person has unique requirements, and 3D-printing will help to create the nearest replica of the heart in the quickest time.

But, currently this heart has a lifespan of just 30 minutes to 45 minutes, that’s because this heart can last just for 3,000 beats. After that the strain causes silicon to fail.

Scientist are trying to increase the tensile strength of these material they are using, to increase the life span of these artificial hearts.

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